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Tracs Supported Living

Choice and Control

We provide support that responds to each individuals needs enabling them to live independently in their own homes or in our Supported Living accommodation.

“Understanding the importance of providing a suitable flexible support package that can increase a persons independence yet still provide the appropriate level of support to meet individual needs. From 1 hour a week to 24 hours a day plus overnight support if required.”

"Clayton talks about his personal experiences on how his life has changed from leaving residential care and stepping down to supported living in his own home".

With a rehabilitative focus to our support, we are always pleased to see a person progress to independence. 

However, the challenging nature that many of our people present means that the transition can be disruptive to their support and can cause difficulties. Where appropriate we have been able to step down individuals into Supported Living providing a ‘continuum of care’ and minimising the impact of leaving a residential or semi independent service.

Our approach is person-centred, putting individuals in control of their own lives and providing opportunities to increase independence with flexible support packages built on individual choice.

We provide support with:

  • Finding suitable accommodation and maintain a tenancy
  • Personal Care
  • Social & Recreational Needs
  • Personal Budget
  • Finance Management
  • Respite Support
  • Skills Development & Re-enablement
  • Health Needs
  • Building links with friends, family and the community

'It has given me freedom and allowed me to do what I want to do without being restricted. I can I do more things for myself which I couldn’t have done before in Residential Care' – Clayton

Transition to Adulthood What does the future hold?

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”~ Albert Einstein

Tracscare transition services support young people who are leaving school or college and setting out on adult life. Moving forward can be an exciting and challenging time for young people and with it can bring lots of changes. Transition is about making choices about your future and Tracscare can provide a range of services which responds to each individual’s need.

We offer;

  • Residential and supported living services in the heart of the local community
  • Person-centred planning
  • Help with personal budgets
  • Choice and control
  • Health and Wellbeing

We work alongside each individual and their circle of support to, co-produce support that:

  • Improves quality of life.
  • Achieves aspirations.
  • Gains skills and confidence to live independently.
  • Enables an active role in their community.

Tracscare is experienced in supporting individuals’ who require support for just a few hours each week to more intensive 24 hour support.

For more information call 0333 24 07770 or email info@tracscare.co.uk

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