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Safeguarding The People We Support

Our Commitment to Safeguarding the people we support

At Tracscare, we understand the need for Positive Behaviour Support and are committed to safeguarding vulnerable adults.  We show our people absolute respect and ensure they are free from verbal or physical abuse.

Our support teams follow approaches developed by Andrew McDonnell including Studio ІІІ, a low arousal and positive approach to managing challenging needs. Tracscare’s Behaviour Advisors were personally trained by Andrew McDonnell and his clinical team, and this positive approach to support underpins the company’s staff training and care philosophies.

This commitment to quality assurance provides additional external auditing of our homes and policies which complements regulatory inspection.  As a result of our commitment to quality assurance, Tracscare was the first company to achieve ISO accreditation.

Below is a summary of policies and procedures within the Tracscare group for protection against abuse:

 Policies for the people we support:

  • Adult Protection
  • Care Policy
  • Supported Persons Feedback
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  • Human Rights Act
  • Whistle Blowing

Quality Assurance / Auditing Processes: 

  • Supported Persons in-house meetings and involvement in audits
  • Annual Quality Questionnaires for staff, people and customers and annual quality report per home
  • In-house Culture Questionnaire, which is used to gain feedback from recent staff starters used as a follow up to POVA analysis
  • Annual Anti-Institutional Audit
  • Annual clinical assessments and outcome reports
  • ARCA–process to investigate any client injury or accident
  • POVA analysis format – our own process, focuses on in-house culture and lessons learnt following significant POVA issues