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Elm House

Elm House is a residential service which supports adults with Mid to High Functioning Autism. Elm House offers person centred supported from dedicated staff who are trained to meet individual needs. They encourage independence and aim to help individuals achieve their own goals and aspirations.

The service consists of 6 bedrooms and there is a large communal kitchen, living room, dining room, conservatory and garden.

Spectrum Star

The people we support have work through the Spectrum Star with a keyworker identifying areas of ability and difficulties.

The Therapeutic team and the individual then use the Star to develop a person centred support plan that meets their actual needs.  The Star is reviewed every 6 months (recommended) to see how the person is progressing in the 9 key areas.  We have found that they are proud to take their Star to their CPA to demonstrate how they are progressing and to prove that they are achieving something.


Our dedicated and experienced staff go above and beyond to support people reach their full potential. Our staff aim to help people understand their Autism better, develop coping strategies to overcome their anxieties and help them develop independent living skills and social awareness skills so they can live successfully in the community.


Elm House is located in St Neots Bedfordshire. Situated in a local community near St Neots town centre which makes it suitable for people who wish to increase social interaction and reintegrate themselves into the community.