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Autism Specialist Services

Making a lifetime of difference

Our Autism services offer initial comprehensive assessments from which personalised interventions are developed. We recognise that individuals within the spectrum differ in how severely they are affected in each of the triad areas. Our tailor made support packages offer an holistic, consistent approach, encouraging individuals to maximise their potential.

Tracscare also provide specialist services to individuals with Asperger Syndrome, recognising the subtle complexities of this condition and provides support with life planning, social skills and emotional self-management.

Tracscare acquired Brookdale Care

A long established care provider, Brookdale is renowned for its specialism in delivering outstanding care and support for people with autism and its leading Milton Park Therapeutic Campus. The campus provides an innovative care pathway, with specialist services for psychiatric intensive care, intensive behavioural support, transition and registered residential needs. 

Tracscare and Brookdale share a commitment to delivering bespoke, person-centred care and support that enables people to meet their true potential. The two providers both work in partnership with commissioners to deliver responsive, flexible, specialist care and support through market-leading training of dedicated, experienced clinical teams and care staff.

Our approach:

  • Person-Centred Planning – the care plan is central to the support of the individual and draws on all other assessment information. The plan looks at the triad of impairments, lifestyle objectives/person's aspirations, psychological support, personal care, general health, mobility and communication. The process delivers a bespoke plan pertinent to each individual. Evaluation and review are central to Tracscare’s care planning process.
  • Supporting the individual and not the syndrome, recognising individual potential and wherever possible, challenging the implied restrictions that the triad may impose.
  • A Total Communication Assessment and Approach – integral to the care plan and support for the person with Autism is clarity with regard to communication utilising Makaton/Signalong and visual aids i.e. Picture Exchange Communication, or any other individual communication strategy and the use of TEACCH strategies.
  • Transition planning – due to the anxiety linked to change, transition planning is integral to ASD care, which includes such strategies as pre-visits, personal info booklet, photos, maps, schedules, time tables, cue cards, social stories, symbols, comic strips, etc.
  • Our staff are experienced in exploring innovative solutions to improve outcomes for people with autism.
  • Support is provided by experienced staff that have completed training and induction in Autistic Spectrum Conditions including managing challenging behaviour Studio 3 and Positive Behaviour Management low arousal techniques. Tracscare also employs qualified clinical support nurses and has behaviour advisors to support the individual and their team to work with improving communication, emotional and behavioural strategies.

What makes us Successful?

  • Understanding how Autism and Asperger’s affects an individual
  • Supporting individuals to communicate needs and wishes
  • A visual structure plus a consistent and structured routine
  • A Total Communication Assessment and Approach
  • Augmentative communication systems e.g. Makaton/Signalong, Widgits, PECS, objects of reference and TEACCH
  • Use of a Social Dictionary Multi-sensory activities and IT multimedia software to facilitate communication
  • Holistic non-aversive behaviour support using low arousal approaches
  • Social skills strategies e.g. social stories, role playing, video modelling
  • Maintaining positive relationships with families and friends
  • Developing self confidence in community settings enabling integration into the wider community
  • The opportunity to step down to supported living whilst having a consistent staff team to offer support


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